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Brett Ullman: Topics for your Church, Conference, School or Camp

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoying your summer. As we begin planning another school / ministry year I wanted to send out a blog with information on all of the talks that I do. Below is a list of the topics that I offer:

(1) The Walking Wounded – This talk is looking at how we as Christians can have a practical yet Biblical approach to help people struggling with mental health. It includes my own journey struggling with anxiety as well. It answers the question “What do you do when you or someone you love is struggling with Anxiety?”
Promotional Video –
Designed for: I do this talk for many Sunday morning church services as well as special nights for parents / students. In schools I do this for High School age.

(2) The.Sex.Talk (Parents Edition) is a version of my sex talk designed for parents. It is NOT a talk about the new Health Curriculum but a talk about how we as parents can help our kids create a Biblical worldview in the area of sex. It is meant to be very practical to help parents in this bridge these topics with our kids.
Promotional Video –
Designed for: Parents & a similar version for High School Students

(3) – the disconnect – This is a fully re-done talk. This talk is a broad talk looking into how we connect our faith with our culture (music, movies, social media etc). Answering the question of how do we connect our ancient faith with our modern world.
Designed for: Grade 7-8 (Could be 6-8). High School & Parents. This is my most common talk for Sunday morning services, youth groups as well as Schools (Elementary and High School)

(4) The Porn Project – is my brand new talk on pornography. It is less about pornography and more about how we as Christians can break free from our struggles with this and how to help our kids in this journey as well
Designed for: Parents & High School Students

(5) The Questions – In this new update of my dating for life talk I have gone back to the basics. In this new talk I answer 8 questions on dating: What is dating? When should I start dating? How do I start dating? How do I break up? etc.
Designed for: High School Students

(6) The Man Talk – The Man Talk is what it sounds like – a discussion about what it’s like to be a Man today. It’s a real talk, a meat and potatoes approach to issues pressing us from all sides. In this talk I challenge men to be better husbands, fathers and boyfriends.
Designed for: Men’s Breakfasts or special events at church

If you are interested in any talk please let me know. you can find more information on each talk off of my website.

Thanks for your time,

Brett Ullman
Executive Director
Worlds Apart

P.S. I also have a large resource blog on my website You can just go to the site and click on the headings and find hundreds of great resources I have posted this past 2 years in categories like mental health, sex and porn, media, spiritual disciplines, parenting and many more.

Leanne Cabral: update & opportunity for free speaking dates

Why hello there!

I am Leanne Cabral and I have been part of the WA team for about three years. My primary role is talking to parents about passing faith on to their kids, equipping them with practical tools, strategies and resources. I have been speaking on this subject for ten years, and partnering with Brett was a natural fit as my talks are like a prequel to his.

This past October, I released, A Parent’s Best Gift, a book written out of my own journey. As a young parent I was overwhelmed by the task of passing faith on to my kids. I understood the task in theory, but I couldn’t figure out how to practically do this in the chaos of everyday life.

This book addresses that struggle. It breaks down living out our faith before our kids in tangible ways — revealing a process, that equips parents with tools, strategies and activities that are simple, applicable and absolutely doable.

I would love an opportunity to talk with your community. This information changed the trajectory of our family and so many others. We found unexpected freedom, direction and the value of living life intentionally. I know your families will discover this too, as this magnificent task is broken down into manageable bites size pieces.

Here are some ways I can partner with what you are already doing.

  • Parent’s Night – I would love to speak to your families about intentional living and the value of creating a family mission statement.
  • Sunday Morning – While kids are in their programs and the other adults are in the service, we can have a Parent Talk morning, where I can equip parents with practical tools and resources to implement in their homes.
  • Parenting Workshop Weekend – We could do a workshop over a Friday evening and full day Saturday where parents will walk away with a 5 year plan to strategically build their family legacy of faith.
  • Mid Week Series – Perhaps meeting with your parents for 60-90 minutes as their kids are in mid week programs like Awana or Youth Group, would be a great fit for you. We can do a one night talk or a series.
  • Special Event – Maybe you have a group of families ready for a baby dedication, or a graduation or a baptism. I’d love to speak with them about celebrating these milestones and the opportunity to purposely build into their family legacy of faith.

Special Opportunity: I would love to add 7 more dates to my Spring/Fall calendar by giving away 7 free speaking dates. I only need my travel expense covered.

The Talks:

  1.  Embracing the Challenge
  2. Prayer
  3. Blessing
  4. Celebrating our Kids Rites of Passage
  5. Hearing God
  6. Spiritual Dynamics
  7. A Family who Serves Together
  8. Family Devotions
  9. Talking to our Kids about Sex
  10. Money Allowance and Tithing

Families are the microcosm of the Church and as healthy families chase hard after the things that matter most, it naturally flows over into our Churches.

Contact me today to begin the conversation…

Want to be a public speaker? My new speaking course is out!

When I began speaking over 19 years ago I really had no one to walk me through the ins and outs of speaking. Many times I learned the hard way that there were better ways to do things.

These days I often have people who say to me at one of my talks “I want to speak but I have no idea where to start.” I have been working for the past few months on a new online course called “Truth Tellers: The Desire to Communicate“. This is where you can start your speaking journey.

It contains almost hours of content with 77 different segments covering all areas from:

  • What skills you might need to be a public speaker
  • Choosing, researching and designing your talk
  • Dealing with anxiety and nervousness that comes with speaking
  • What gear do you need to bring with you?
  • Set up and take down practical thoughts
  • Thoughts on the business side of things
  • Sustainability
  • any many, many more

This course is basically me downloading everything I have learned in my speaking career to you.

All proceeds from this course go back into the work that I do at Worlds Apart. The course costs less than 30 min of coaching and I will be available for questions and assistance as you begin speaking in whatever area you desire to speak in.

Please click here (or the image below) to see the course and to check out a few of the free videos. If you choose to sign up please let me know how the course goes and I would really appreciate you giving a reference when you are done on the site.



Speakers Hangout?

For the past 4-5 years I have talked to many speakers across Canada and the US in my travels. I have often mentioned how great it would be to have a time to talk. It think it is about time for an online gathering.

What would this look like?

I think the best would be a google Hangout to start. We could see how many people we get for the 1st hangout and then go from there with other software.

What would we be talking about?

  1. Anything to do with speaking (full-time, part time, itinerant, pulpit supply etc)
  2. Best practices
  3. Tech related questions
  4. Accountability
  5. Setting up of a charity
  6. How to design a talk
  7. Anything else?

Last year I put out a talk called Truth Tellers (see youtube video at the bottom of this blog). This is an hour long talk which is basically everything I have learned in my past 18 years as a speaker. I would suggest you watch this before joining the hangout as it might answer some questions for you.

So the question for now would be is there anyone interested in hangout like this? Please comment to this blog or send me a message on email or other social media This is not just for people who already speak but can also be for anyone who might be interested in speaking more.

Let me know if you are interested and then we will get a date set. Thanks


Canadian Truth.Teller: Alex Street

The desire to grow up and be a famous actor is the foundation for my love and comfort on stage.  The skills of an actor have been refined over the years to mold me into a unique, energetic, and inspiring storyteller.  From Jr.Highers to Young Adults to their Parents – I am comfortable speaking to all ages in a crowd of any size to help them see that there is always something bigger going on. 

The only way I can help others see in themselves what I believe God sees in them is if I’m trusting in the Way of Jesus, and I believe Jesus chooses grace and love over fear and law every time.

I hit a turning point this past year when I began asking the question, “can we truly live like Jesus today?”  The radical way of love, and peace, and valuing others is something I often speak boldly towards.  I will encourage others to see themselves as a beloved child of the living God, and go from there.  Delivering a sermon/talk is about creating a memorable moment while inspiring life-change for those involved.

While serving as a Local Church Youth Pastor for 10 years and directing a series of Youth Retreats for 6 years, I had the privilege of working with and listening to and coaching dozens of Speakers which has sincerely helped me understand what ‘works’ with a crowd of teenagers (and their leaders) and what ‘fails’.  With this experience and deep love for the craft, I hope to connect with new people and programs and bring something refreshing and inspiring.


  • Will work within the framework of an existing series or theme, if desired.


  • Will work within the theme of the Retreat/Youth Ministry.


  • “Let’s Get Messy: The Jr.High Years and Beyond” – Understanding your Young Teen may not be entirely possible, but we can make big steps by having an honest conversation about what is really going on in their minds, bodies, and souls. 
  • “Tribes: Helping Teens Think Outside Themselves” – Connect youth with a small, close-knit community and you will help them begin to live for the sake of others. 


  • “Making Teaching Magical” – Helping teens engage with a message through elements of surprise, objects, and storytelling.
  • “Let’s Get Messy: Jr.High Ministry” – What you need to know as you begin investing in this underestimated generation.
  • “Mind The Gap” – A conversation about the relational gaps we can see teens falling into during their time in your ministry.  As leaders move on or friend groups shift, how can we connect our youth to a wider circle of influence?
  • “The Good News About Youth Ministry” – Youth Ministry in Canada is changing, at times it feels like Local Church Youth Ministry is fighting a losing battle.  The Good News is, it doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s worth the risk, try something new. 
  • “Tribes: Helping Teens Think Outside Themselves” – Connect youth with a small, close-knit community and you will help them begin to live for the sake of others. 
  • “Telling a Better Story” – Trust that your story will help others understand the Story of God.  Trust that telling better stories will engage others and help them understand where they fit in the great big Story of God. 

To Learn more about Alex please check out his website – Click Here!

Canadian Truth.Teller: Tim Barnett

Hi, my name is Tim Barnett and I am a speaker who trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square.

I have been a follower of Christ as long as I can remember. Of course, that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced seasons of doubt. However, it was through these doubts, as well as challenges from friends and colleagues, that caused him to thoroughly investigate the claims of Christianity. It is because of this process that I am confident that Christianity is true.

My passion to contend for the faith has motivated me to equip ambassadors for Christ with three essential skills: knowledge, wisdom, and character. First, every ambassador for Christ should have some basic knowledge about what they believe. Second, this knowledge must be deployed in a skillful way. There’s an element of wisdom, a tactical and artful diplomacy that makes your message persuasive. Finally, because an ambassador brings himself along in everything he does, his personal maturity and individual virtue can either make or break the message. My goal is to model these attributes in each of my talks.

Some of the topics I speak on include:

  • Does God Exist?
  • If God, Why Evil?
  • Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
  • The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Who Was Jesus?
  • Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • The Truth about Truth
  • Tactics in Defending Your Faith
  • Are Science and Faith Compatible?
  • Should Christians Embrace Evolution?
  • Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution
  • Meet the Atheist: A Role Play
  • Why are they Leaving?
  • To Hell with Hell?
  • Is What We Have Now What They Wrote Then?
  • Can the New Testament be Trusted?
  • The Case for the Pro-Life Position

For more information on Tim or to contact him click here or the image below.

Tim Barnett