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Parenting Book Suggestion | Leonard Sax: The Collapse of Parenting

With all of the books out there for parents to read I want to help narrow the list down to some absolutely amazing books. This is my first suggestion: The Collapse of Parenting by Leonard Sax.

Amazon link –

Affiliate links – If you buy the book from Amazon from the link above you get charged the same price but a small amount comes back to support the work I do at Worlds Apart. If you actually click this link to the Collapse of Parenting book and then buy anything off of Amazon we still get supported. Thanks for your help.

Love to hear your thoughts after you have read this book.

Designing Parents “Report Card”

If our goal is to be the best parents we can be we really need to know how we are actually doing. I am hoping to design a “report card” that we can give to our middle school & high school age children. The goal would be that we can see some areas we need to work harder on in our parenting. There would have to be at least a basic level of trust and openness in a home for a report card like this to be able to be given. I have a few questions I have put down below. Love to hear what other questions you think should be asked.

There would be 3 options for answers:

Always – doing well

Seldom – needs some improvement

Never – time for some serious change

My parent:

  1. Has told me they love me in the past week
  2. Show me that I am a priority in their lives by spending time with me
  3. Knows  and takes interest about my friends, my teachers, my life
  4. Is always willing to sit down and listen to whatever I have to talk about
  5. Is always trying to be a better parent to me
  6. Looks me in the eye when having conversations with me and is not staring at their computer or phone
  7. Is modeling good healthy eating strategies to me
  8. Is modeling good sleep habits for me
  9. Gives me clear expectations of things I need to do around the home (chores, garbage, walk dog etc)
  10. Give me advice on important issues in life (drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, dating, etc)
  11. Has fun with by going for a walk, bike ride, out to dinner, movies etc.

If you are a student or a parent I would love to hear what you think needs to be changed.