The average person spends 7 hours a day using screens, that’s nearly 50% of their waking hours. Typically our children are spending 2-3 hrs of this on social media. Todays trends of anxiety, depression, FOMO, loneliness, social isolation, sexting, sextortion, cyber bullying, misinformation and phubbing are all related to media. Your kids need help to navigate it all safely. But who’s going to help you know how to navigate this?  Brett Ullman’s Media Talk: Navigating Everything is an essential discussion for both parents and students. 

Digging Deeper

Brett Ullman is a well known youth culture, media and mental health expert who has been speaking on these subjects for 25 years. People appreciate his well researched, wise and practical approach to todays issues and the way in which he captures your attention. This talk will provide you with steps to take in order to better use media for good and ways to decrease its bad effects. Social media, video games, music and TV/streaming will be addressed and strategies for boosting your wellbeing will be provided. Some examples of questions that will be answered are: how do I protect my children from pornography, predators, bullying and other content online? How much screen time should my kids have each day? Should I monitor all communications my child has and if so, how?

Come join in on this most important conversation. Come away better informed and ready to approach media with intention in your life and family





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Online Course should be filmed summer/fall 2024

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