A Cry for Parental Health

Such a great read. We need to parent from a place of health.

As I meet with young adults and ask them, they all talk about the heavy pressure they feel to perform—in class, on the field, on stage, you name it. As I press them for the source of this pressure, it almost always comes back to their parents.

1. When I inform you as a parent that your child has just ruptured their ACL ligament or Achilles tendon, and the next question out of your mouth is, “How long until he or she will be able to play?” you have a serious problem.

2. If your child is knocked unconscious during a football game and can’t remember your name…but you feel it’s a “vital” piece of medical information to let me know he’s a starting linebacker and that his team will probably lose because he was taken out of the game, you need to see a counselor.

3. If I tell you that mononucleosis has caused the spleen to swell and that participation in a contact sport could cause a life threatening rupture…and then you ask me, “If we just get some extra padding around the spleen, would it be OK to play?” someone needs to hit you upside the head with a two by four.

4. If your child comes in with a blood alcohol level of .250 after wrecking your Lexus and you ask if I can hurry and get them out of the ER before the police arrive so as not to run the risk of her getting kicked off the swim team, you need to be put in jail.

I bet you think I’m kidding about the above interactions. I wish I were, but I’m not. These are a fraction of the things I’ve heard when it comes to children and sports. Every ER doctor in America sees this. How did we get here?”

A Christian Looks at Depression – Tom Nelson

I think there are 5 reasons for suffering in the life of a Christian. This talk is a great example of the reason I would call “Fallen World”. This can basically be anything that happens because our minds and bodies are “fallen” – Genesis 3. I would also include here any natural consequences for our actions (crazy unceasing stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, pace of life, lack of exercise).   I will be doing an upcoming blog on the 5 reasons but wanted to share this decent talk. Enjoy

Are you Looking too Closely?

I was watching the new TV show called Scorpion last week when this song came on at the end. As a music geek I quickly Shazamed it and found this gem of a song. I was going through the lyrics which are quite simple yet powerful. In an interview the lead singer was asked about this song. He said:

Are YOU looking too closely? Yeah, you absolutely nailed it. It is about the relationship you have with yourself. About NOT looking too closely. Sometimes it is best to do it this way to remain positive. You can be obsessed with details. Like everybody’s own position of what they look like in the mirror naked. Its SO different to what they actually look like.

Great thoughts for many of us who are looking in that mirror and looking too closely.


Depression Symptoms: 15 Things You May Not Think About

“Although some of the symptoms of depression are the same for men and women, men who are depressed typically experience higher rates of externalizing behaviours and symptoms,” he says. “These include anger, aggression, risk taking, substance abuse, and immersing themselves in work. Women, on the other hand, tend more often to show internalizing behaviours like self blame, feelings of sadness and worthlessness, conflict avoidance, and trouble setting boundaries.”

My top 100 Blogs. Let me show you how to read 100 blogs each week.

Teacher Holding Green Chalkboard With Title Blog

Harry S. Truman once said:

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

I believe that we are all leaders in some area of our lives. This could be the workplace, school, parenting, volunteering, church, mentoring, friendships or any where else.  If we are all leaders then we better all become readers as well. For me as a speaker I need to be extremely knowledgeable on the topics that I speak on. Blogs have become paramount in keeping current with what is going on in the culture around me as well as in Christian faith communiity. When I tell people that I follow roughly 100 blogs people usually think I am crazy. Over my 17 years as a speaker I have learned how to collect knowledge when I see it. For example when I am on social media, reading magazines, books or in conversation and someone mentions a blog that they follow I add it to my list and see if it might be useful to me. I encourage everyone to keep a list of great resources that can help you in your life.

So how do I follow 100 blogs. I have been using a a website called which was recently bought by LinkedIn. For years the website and the app on my iPad were synced up. Recently since LinkIn bought pulse there have been issues with syncing so I now use only one platform on my iPad. I added in all of the blogs into the app and once a week I sit down and scroll through all of the blogs to see if there is any applicable content for me to use. This usually takes about 30 minutes. In the app you see small squares vertically which are each of the blogs from the blogger and you then have roughly 10 blogs horizontally as you scroll up and down. It is so simple.

Below are the blogs that I am currently following. This changes month by month as I drop certain blogs and add others. If after going through this list you think I should be following other blogs please send them through. You will also find that there is a wide range of blogs below. I love to read a wide range of opinions, thoughts and discussion on all areas of Christian faith.

These are in no particular order.

Faith Based Blogs

  1. Carey Niewhof –
  2. Rachel Held Evans –
  3. Carlos Whittaker –
  4. Orange Blogs –
  5. Tim Challis –
  6. Seth Barnes (Radical Living) –
  7. David Sawler –
  8. Mike King –
  9. Bruxy Cavey –
  10. Anne Marie Miller –
  11. Resurgence –
  12. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary –
  13. Brian McLaren –
  14. Purpose City –
  15. Perry Noble –
  16. POTSC (People of the Second Chance) –
  17. Tall Skinny Kiwi –
  18. Breathe –
  19. Doggie Head Tilt –
  20. The Matt Walsh Blog –
  21. Mundane Faithfulness –
  22. Jefferson Bethke –
  23. Sarah Bessey –
  24. Kary Oberbrunner (DayJob to Dream Job) –
  25. Storyline –
  26. Desiring God –
  27. Reclaiming the mind –
  28. John Fischer –
  29. Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds) –
  30. Kevin DeYoung  –
  31. Jared C. Wilson –
  32. Fun & Faith –
  33. Release the APE –
  34. Andrea Foster –
  35. Bo Lane –
  36. Chris Chase –
  37. The Pastor’s Pen (Ted Haggard) –
  38. Counselling One Another –
  39. Jessica Fick –
  40. NewDirection –
  41. Tyler Ward –
  42. Common Sense Media (Parents) –
  43. Common Sense Media –
  44. Christal Speaks –
  45. Q –
  46. her.meneutics –
  47. We are His Daughters –
  48. Single Dad Laughing –
  49. To Love Honour and Vacuum –
  50. Lisa-Jo Baker (Surprised by Motherhood) –
  51. Lark News –
  52. Matthew Paul Turner -
  53. Church Marketing Sucks –
  54. Church Pastor –
  55. Thom S. Rainer –
  56. Tony Morgan –
  57. Scott Jackson –
  58. Jared Wilson –
  59. Ministry Matters –

Youth Ministry

  1. CPYU (Center for Parent / Youth Understanding) –
  2. Youth Ministry Unleashed –
  3. Fuller Youth Institute –
  4. CYW (Canadian Youth Worker) –
  5. Barefoot Online –
  6. –
  7. More Than Dodgeball –
  8. Youth Hope –
  9. –
  10. Adam Clarke –
  11. The Youth Cartel –
  12. Youth Worker –
  13. DYM (Download Youth Ministry) –
  14. Vibrant Faith Ministries –
  15. Jonathan Mckee Writes –


  1. Today (Parents) –
  2. Free-Range Kids –
  3. Not Alone (Special Needs Parenting) –
  4. Parents Cue (Do Family Better) –


  1. Seth Godin –
  2. Michael Hyatt –
  3. Leadership Journal (Parse)
  4. Gifted for Leadership –
  5. Leading Smart –
  6. Leadership Wired –
  7. Tim Elmore (Leading the next generation) –
  8. Ron Edmondson –
  9. Bryan Miles –
  10. Sharpening Leaders –

Mental Health (Faith based)

  1. TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms) –
  2. Dr. Merry Lin –
  3. Grace Alliance –
  4. My Mental Illness & Christian Faith –

Mental Health (mainstream)

  1. Pick the Brain –
  2. A Splintered Mind –


  1. Social Triggers –
  2. Marie Forleo –

Mainstream Blogs

  1. Feminist Frequency –
  2. Upworthy –
  3. Lifehack –
  4. The Verge –
  5. Elite Daily (Voice of Generation Y) –

New Platform for Brett Ullman

Computer keyboard with social media keys

Since the beginning of social media I have loved having a place to share great websites, books, articles and other resources. In the last few years though I have found social media becoming more and more frustrating as a place for communication. It seemed more simple when Facebook seemed to be the only main large social network. Then Twitter exploded onto the scene. Then came others such as LinkedIn, Tumblr,  Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. I began to use HootSuite to post to many of these sites but it would only post to certain social media sites and not others and some of the sites could only post pictures and not text and things got frustrating.

Years into this world of social media most of our friends lists are growing to a place where social media has become absolutely useless as a communication tool. I cannot tell you how many times a month someone says something like “Did you not see the post I did on Facebook?” or “Well I posted it on Social Media”. This is usually in reply to me not knowing something that was going on that they posted on social media. Myself I have almost 5000 people on my personal Facebook and thousands of people on all of my other social networks. Since I sat down to write this blog I have probably had a hundred people post an update on Facebook. I am never going to scroll through hundreds of posting each day so all these messages and content are lost forever. Michael Hyatt posted an amazing blog recently that talk about this point: Don’t Build you Social Media House on a Rented Lot. My favourite quote in this article is

“I encourage everyone interested in growing a platform to begin with a home base that you control. -Michael Hyatt”

I am not leaving social media but I am moving to having a single place (a platform or home base) where I can share information and have a landing place for people to find things I posted months after they were put online. Welcome to my new blog on My new Home Base!


When you come to our site you can see all of my speaking information in the top left of the site. The main section of the page will be the new blog where I will share great resources on all the areas I speak on.

I have added a number of links already and this site will slowly populate over the upcoming months

I would love to hear your feedback on a few things.

  1. What do you think of the new site?
  2. What do you think of the new categories? Are we missing any main ones
  3. What are the resources that you would want me to share more? less?

Talk to you soon…