Trophy Child | Ted Cunningham | BRETT’S PICKS | Great PARENTING TIPS

Trophy Child | Ted Cunningham | BRETT’S PICKS | Great PARENTING TIPS

It’s Thursday so here is another “Brett’s Picks”. This is an amazing book for parents. Trophy Child: Saving Parents from Performance, Preparing Children for Something Greater Than Themselves by Ted Cunningham.

Written for every mom who helps too much with homework just to impress the teacher and every dad who takes credit for his daughter’s soccer success, Trophy Child will give parents the encouragement they need to nurture their kids into who God created them to be. Our culture’s obsession with achievement often leads parents to form expectations for their kids based on the world’s standards, not on the Bible. As a result, their kids feel they never measure up.Trophy Child will help modern Christian parents create a home where children find success in following their heavenly Father’s leading for them—and readers know the joy of seeing their children embrace their full potential as children of God.

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One of the main foundational quotes that I use in my Parenting: Navigating Everything talk is the one below. Such weight to this quote.

trophy child

My book Parenting: Navigating everything has 6 full chapters on the conversations of parenting itself and then 10 chapters on other large topics like mental health, media, pornography and others. Click here to find where to purchase.

You will find my entire suggest booklist divided by category from the links below.
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