How to be a better man: Marriage (men as husbands)

In an earlier video 8 ways to be a better man (click here) I talked about 8 categories we should be working on to be better as men.

One area we must concentrate on is our marriages. There are many aspects that we can work on to be better husbands. This is such a big topic and this video is designed to just give you a few practical things you can start on.

This video goes more into detail on the ways we can work on our spiritual health. Love to hear how you are currently working on your spiritual health.

better man
how to be a better man

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Brett Ullman

Brett Ullman travels North America speaking to teens, young adults, leaders, and parents on topics including parenting, mental health, sexuality, pornography, men, dating and media. Brett's seminars engage and challenge attendees to try and connect our ancient faith with our modern culture we live in. Participants are inspired to reflect on what we know, what we believe and how our faith ought to serve as the lens through which we view and engage tough conversations in our society today.

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