How to have a better relationship with our phones: movies and phones (video 4)

Movies and Phones. When I go to see a movie in the theatre and people are on their phones throughout the movie it frustrates me so much. Anyone with me?

This is video 4 in a series I am doing called “How to have a better relationship with our phones” This video will look at our phones and going to see a movie.

The last movie I saw in a theatre was Tenet by Christopher Nolan. I went with my wife and son and me. We were the only people in the 700 person theatre until another couple came in after the movie started (another pet peeve of mine). Not one phone was on during the entire movie. First time in as long as I can remember.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts on movies and phones.

Below are the other 8 videos in this series. If you have any ideas for other videos for this series let me know.

How to have a better relationship with our phones: Entire Series

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In my book Parenting: Navigating Everything there is a chapter on media where I go into more detail on all aspects of technology. Click Here.

movies and phones

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