How to have a better relationship with our phones: phones and notifications (video 2/9)

Phones and notifications. Let’s try for less.

This is video 2 in a series on how we can have a better relationship with our phones. Check out the description in the Youtube video for future videos. If you have any ideas you think I should add let me know.

If you wonder how to have a better relationship with our phones I would encourage you to get 5% better in this area of notifications in the upcoming week. Spend today being very aware of your phones and notifications you get all day. Then try and turn off some unnecessary notifications. 5% is an easy, attainable goal in this area. Love to hear if you were able to decrease your amount of daily notifications.

Below are the other 8 videos in this series. If you have any ideas for other videos for this series let me know.

How to have a better relationship with our phones: Entire Series

Video 1 – touch and interaction –
Video 2 – phones and notifications –
Video 3 – family dinners –
Video 4 – movies –
Video 5 – work/school –
Video 6 – restaurant –
Video 7 – driving –
Video 8 – walking –
Video 9 – downtime / vacation –

In my book Parenting: Navigating Everything there is a chapter on media where I go into more detail on all aspects of technology. Click Here.

phones and notifications

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