What age should kids get smartphones?

What age should kids get smartphones? This is a common question I get after my talks. I do think that we have to look at both what age and also their maturity level. Here are my thoughts on this.

Love to hear your thoughts on this. If your kids already have a smartphone at what age did they get one?

I talk more about technology and parenting in my book Parenting: Navigating Everything. Click Here.

If our kids are going to get a phone they need to learn proper digital citizenship. I did a 9-part series called How to have a better relationship with your phone. The videos are all linked below.

Video 1 – touch and interaction – https://youtu.be/4oGWyn9XQ4w
Video 2 – notifications – https://youtu.be/lCgWaXvBs60
Video 3 – family dinners – https://youtu.be/vTlqAGhubh8
Video 4 – movies – https://youtu.be/oWrfQahIylQ
Video 5 – work/school – https://youtu.be/VxZYzVQJrf0
Video 6 – restaurant – https://youtu.be/D5JndfvV6u4
Video 7 – driving – https://youtu.be/L_S4MC3CTiQ
Video 8 – walking – https://youtu.be/g39DcyM3aHs
Video 9 – downtime / vacation – https://youtu.be/bq785U8Kwao

What age should kids get smartphones?

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