How giving kids a ‘Genius Hour’ can help increase motivation amid COVID-19 – parenting tips

How giving kids a ‘Genius Hour’ can help increase motivation amid COVID-19 – parenting tips

Parenting Tip. Looking for something to do with your kids this Spring? I really love this idea of a “genius hour”. You might have heard this idea from companies like Google in the past.

To implement Genius Hour, Verma advises parents take three steps: Speak to their child on what they’d like to learn, schedule an hour a week for them to work on a project and follow up with them to keep tabs on their progress.

Additionally, Verma suggests separating Genius Hour from homework time.

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parenting tips
parenting tips

Here is a link to another great video for parents – 10 WAYS TO GROW RESILIENCE IN KIDS … AND ADULTS

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