“I want to speak but I have no idea where to start.” Begin your journey with this free online YouTube course called “Truth Tellers: The Desire to Communicate“.

Digging Deeper

This program contains over 3 hours of content with 77 different segments covering all areas from:

  • What skills you might need to be a public speaker
  • Choosing, researching and designing your talk
  • Dealing with anxiety and nervousness that comes with speaking
  • What gear do you need to bring with you?
  • Set up and take down practical thoughts
  • Thoughts on the business side of things
  • Sustainability
  • any many, many more

This course is Brett’s download of everything he has learned in his speaking career.  You can find the videos off of his Youtube Channel in a playlist called Truth Tellers. The first video is linked below. Enjoy!




Have you or your team seen Brett?  Download take home materials here.


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