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Mindfulness Breathing Exercises! This is video #7 in a series I am doing on how how to have good mental health during this COVID-19 season we find ourselves in. The goal is to provide you with daily, simple, reproducible ways you can help your own mental health. Today I want to encourage you to work on better breathing.

Added July 19th, 2021

When you are anxious you will find you are not breathing properly. By taking time each day to do some breathing exercises you will find your body is able to be calmer.

There is a great book on this by Robert Bensen called The Relaxation Response. Click here for the Amazon link to read the description.

Are there any breathing apps beyond the Calm and Headspace that I talked about that you enjoy?

Sometimes I get push back from the Christian community on this. This is not anything other than breathing. There is nothing spiritual to this. This is not prayer or meditating on God. This is simply calming your anxious body. If you are anxious you cannot stay anxious if you are breathing properly. So breathe properly.

Here is a really good article on this conversation if you want to go deeper. Click Here.

This was an article I wrote about what it is like to be in church while having anxiety. I bet many of you have similar experiences. Click Here.

The largest chapter in my book Parenting: Navigating Everything is on the topic of mental health. Click Here for more information.

mindfulness breathing exercises

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