He Started Vaping As A Teen And Now Says Habit Is ‘Impossible To Let Go’

He Started Vaping As A Teen And Now Says Habit Is ‘Impossible To Let Go’

Vaping seems to be a huge conversation with teens and parents as I travel. Here is another article talking about the addictive nature of vaping. I always hear people say that vaping is better than inhaling cigarette smoke. Why do we have to inhale anything is usually my response. If you are using a vape to switch from cigarettes I think it is great. Then you should be decreasing and coming off of vape as well.

E-cigarettes are tiny — they look like a pen or flash drive. When someone vapes, there’s no fire, ash or smoky odor. Instead, the devices heat up and vaporize a liquid or solid. And vaping appears to have taken off among young people.

“They specifically use nicotine salts,” Liptzin says. “We have no research that I could find on nicotine salts that are inhaled, because it’s so new.”

Most educators, parents and students “don’t realize how much nicotine is in there, or that there’s even any nicotine,” she says. “That’s what the research tells us.”

“So my biggest concern,” he says, “is, you know, right now I’m puffing, puffing, happy, worry-free, and then in 20 years I’ll have to explain to my kids why I’ve developed popcorn lung — or some new form of lung cancer,” Lavandier says. “Because I didn’t know what the risks were of e-cigarettes. It terrifies me.”

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  1. Tereigh

    Popcorn lung is only associated with a very particular chemical in vape juice–diacetyl. Reputable providers of ejuice have eliminated all juices containing this substance. My juice has 5 ingredients, 4 of which are ‘food safe,’ and the other is nicotine, which is a paracarcinogin equivalent to caffiene. My health improved exponentially when I swapped out cigarettes for vaping. That said, there are disposal vapes coming out of certain countries that contain evil chemicals such as ferrmadohyde. Vaping ‘pure’ juice, however, has yet to be proven to be harmful. With the absence of combustion, there are no chemical reactions that are dangerous, (read, carginogenic) unlike cigarettes which when combusted create nearly 5000 chemicals, most of which are VERY harmful. I’d never want my daughter, a non-smoker, to pick up cigarettes, but if she was tempted, would rather she go toward vaping. A nicotine addiction sucks, but at least with vaping, it’s not lethal.


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