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This talk is the same as the student’s version of except we come at it from an angle as a parent,
leader or youth worker.

The concept and presence of media has become the modern day parable that has forever altered how we interact with our world. What I have come to realize is a growing disconnect – both youth and parents are struggling with applying their Christian beliefs to the media that daily engages them. Do we hear more from the media on how we should live our lives instead of engaging scripture and spending time with Christ?
When we interact with our culture, we take action and, when we think about what we are absorbing, we connect it to our self and our lives. As Christians, we need to actively be involved with our culture without blindly accepting it as true. Pascal said it wonderfully, “The greatest enemy of the spiritual life was inattention, complacency.”

No more thoughtless watching.
No more thoughtless listening.
No more thoughtless online activity.
No more thoughtless anything…
Christianity is a strategic, intentional daily pursuit.

Brett Ullman discusses, from a parent’s perspective, sensitive topics affecting today’s young people. Bringing hope and an awareness to today’s parents, Brett sheds light on how with increased knowledge of youth trends, adults can be more discerning in their parenting strategies and better able to anticipate the needs of their children as they navigate the often challenging waters of adolescence.

Brett’s talks certainly opened eyes, hearts, and minds and left a lot of food for thought for students, staff, and parents alike to chew on long after the presentations were done. Brett’s presentation of his extensive research is incredibly helpful for all parents and teachers who want to help their children navigate the sometimes perilous path of adolescence.

Justin DeMoor, Principal at Willowdale Christian School

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