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Rap Music and Substance Use: Addiction and Mental Health

Came across this really good article on drugs and mental health looking at it from the standpoint of rap music. It goes through the history of drugs and alcohol through the last few decades. Well worth the read.

In a 2013 interview with The Arsenio Hall Show, Kendrick Lamar said in reference to molly and its popularity in rap music, “You have certain artists portraying these trends and don’t really have that lifestyle and then it gives off the wrong thing.”

In 2017, Beeson and a team of researchers at Northwestern University conducted an analysis of the Billboard Hot 100 year-end charts from 2007 to 2016 to determine the frequency of alcohol-related terms in popular music.

His team found that about 33.7 percent of rap songs on the Billboard charts contained at least one reference to alcohol. The rappers with the most alcohol mentions in their Billboard Hot 100 music during that time period were Flo Rida, Drake and Lil Wayne.
Beeson said alcohol mentions are not necessarily an endorsement of drinking. While some rap artists examined in the analysis promoted alcohol use, others stressed the dangers of heavy drinking.
“The music does not cause teens to drink, but it can influence them to do so,” said Beeson. “There is research suggesting that a correlation exists between mentions of alcohol and drug use and teen substance use.

“I couldn’t believe that anybody could be naturally happy without being on something. So I would say to anybody: ‘It does get better.’”

“My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it.”

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A New Narrative: Talking to your teens about technology: Vlog 4 of 5: Music

This is Part 4 of a 5 part video blog (vlog) series where we will be looking at trying to change the narrative of how we speak to our kids about technology. We will look at current ways parents talk to teens about tech and then look at a new narrative that teens will respond to better. We need to move from telling to teaching. Today we look at a new way to talk to our kids around the conversations on Music in our Christian world today.

Vlog #1 – Phones

Vlog #2 – Social Media

Vlog #3 – TV/Movies

Vlog #4 – Music – this video

Vlog #5 – Video Games – coming next week

New Music NF – Outro

If I had to be honest NF’s music has been some of my favourite over the past few years. New song came out this week. If you watch his older videos you will notice all of his past videos are in this new video. Check it out. Make sure you check out the 3rd video which walks through his new video.

So you want to see his lyrics. Such a powerful lyricist.

Thoughts on his new song:

Modern Mix Tape: Day 3 – My Ultimate Party Mix

When I was a teenager I made mixed tapes. I had them numbered and categorized and people would often have me copy my mixed tapes for them. 30+ years later I find playlists are the new mixtapes. So each day for the next 5 days I am going to post one of my favourite playlists. These playlists are my iTunes playlists using Apple Music. You should be able to click the link and save the playlists to your iTunes library. If you have Apple Music you will be able to play everything.

I will add the links to the playlists on each of the dates below:

  1. Thursday Dec 1Christmas Playlist – Click Here for the Mix (410 Christmas songs)
  2. Friday Dec 2Deep HouseClick Here for this mix. This is my current favourite genre of music. Turn it up and enjoy (82 songs)
  3. Monday Dec 5 – My Ultimate Party mix –Click Here for this mix.  These are my favourite songs throughout all my life. (472 songs)
  4. Tuesday Dec 6Favourite 80’s Mix
  5. Wednesday Dec 7Church: Praise and Worship Mix

Please feel free to post any songs I am missing so I can add them to my list.

I hope you enjoy these songs I much as I do…

Beyonce is Destroying Your Daughter, Not Empowering Her

We seem to have lost any internal critical reflection in our society. We seem to blindly accept everything without giving it a second thought.

Some really great thoughts in this article on Beyonce and her new album. (note: lyrics are extremely sexual)

But, as I said, I could lob that criticism at most of what we consume in this culture. So much of it is bland, superficial, repetitious, existing for its own sake. Devoured quickly, with little intellectual effort, leaving you still hungry and slightly nauseated. I find it therefore annoying and confusing when people speak of Beyonce’s alleged genius, but the unwarranted intellectualization of vapid, empty nonsense is not the most troubling aspect of all of the Beyonce adulation in this culture. The most troubling aspect is that her music is called ”empowering.”

Never mind that “Beyonce” is more a brand than a person. The lady herself is a person, but what’s presented to the world is a carefully constructed and marketed product. It’s a narrative, a story, a walking and talking fantasy novel for girls. I don’t know how much of the final manuscript is Beyonce’s brainchild and how much comes from the team of people around her, but rest assured that everything we see is manufactured. This, after all, is a woman who hired a “visual director” to follow her around and document and stylize her every move.

Love to hear peoples thoughts on this.

Click here for the entire blog.

As I was writing this blog I was reminded of the SNL skit below for anyone who might say something negative about Beyonce. Enjoy

What am I listening to? My current top 20 album playlist.

I have had a few people email me and ask what are some of my favourite albums. Thought this would be a fun blog topic. I went on iTunes and below are the albums I have been listening to as I work over the past month. I copied the iTunes links so you could check them all out.

  1. Matt Kearney – Young Love: iTunes
  2. NF – Mansion: iTunes
  3. Matt Kearney – Just Kids: iTunes
  4. London Grammar – If You Wait: iTunes
  5. Mobile Orchestra – Owl City:  iTunes
  6. Bethel Music – Without Words: Synesthesia – iTunes
  7. Tall Trees – Vocal Few EP: iTunes
  8. Mute Math – Mute Math: iTunes
  9. NeedToBreathe – The Outsiders: iTunes
  10. Switchfoot – Fading West: iTunes
  11. Toby Mac – This Is Not a Test: iTunes
  12. All Sons and Daughters – Live: iTunes
  13. Bellarive – Before There Was: iTunes
  14. The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars LP: iTunes
  15. The Midway State – Paris or India: iTunes
  16. Leeland – the Great Awakening: iTunes
  17. Lecrae – Anomoly: iTunes
  18. Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable: iTunes
  19. Paper Route – The Peace of Wild Things: iTunes
  20. Bruce Hornsby & the Range (From the 80’s but one of my favourite) – The Way it is – iTunes

Love to hear what you are listening to you as well. Add some artists / albums in the comments.  Enjoy