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Pluggedin: Naked and Assimilated

Which leads me to my primary point in this blog: When female stars grow up in the entertainment business, the vast majority of the time they’re eventually assimilated into that business’s worldview. They start out starry-eyed, innocent, earnest and determined to be positive role models for their throngs of young fans. With rare exceptions, they usually end up talking about how empowered and adult and healthy they feel about exploiting their own bodies for financial gain.

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How can parents keep updated on the changing trends in culture?

I often get asked how I keep current on today’s social media, current trends, music and other aspects of todays popular culture. Below are the blogs that I sign up for. I would encourage all youth workers and parents to sign up for all of them. I am NOT saying just “like” them on social media but actually sign up for their blogs.  It means you will get updates directly to your mailbox each week on where current culture is and where culture is heading. All these are free.

  1. Center for Parent and Youth Understanding: Click Here. Sign up for their weekly e-update
  2. Fuller Youth Institute: Click Here. Bi Weekly updates.
  3. Azuza Pacific University HomeWord: Click Here. Sign up for their Weekly Culture Updates.
  4. The Youth Culture Report: Click Here. Daily youth culture trends
  5. Pluggedin: Click Here. Sign up for their newsletter and choose Culture Clips
  6. Youth Ministry Unleashed: Click Here.
  7. Brett Ullman: Click Here. Sign up for daily or weekly updates.

If you know of other great blogs let me know and I will add them to this list.

Meet Circle | Internet. Reimagined. | Parental Controls & Filtering

This looks so impressive.


  1. Time Limits
  2. Bedtime Filter
  3. Pause
  4. Insights
  5. Devices

Circle is a smart device and app that allows your family to manage all of your home’s connected devices. With Circle, parents can filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home. Circle can even pause the Internet.

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Playboy’s Move Away from Nudity is Actually a Bad Sign

Over the last week I have had about 20 people talk to me about Playboy. Each person saying how great it is that Playboy will no longer be having nudity in their magazine. I said to each of them that this is a bad thing as it says something larger about our society. Pornography is everywhere. I read this article and thought it does a great job explaining what I think.

We as a society have arrived at an interesting—and altogether morally confusing—moment. Apparently, we live in such a pornified culture, that the only way to attract readers to a magazine built around ogling women is to put clothes back on them. We’ve reached the point where an “adult” magazine has to distinguish itself by being (relatively) censored.

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The problem with Halloween

Some great thoughts from Jon Acuff on culture.

The problem with this principle is that a lot of times we parents give pop culture a huge head start with our kids.

Here’s the truth though:

It’s not whether your kids will have a conversation about the world they live in, it’s whether you’ll have a voice in it.

It’s time to start talking with our kids.

Earlier than we want.

More often than we like.

Don’t give the world a head start with your kids.

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