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The Spiritual Importance of Going to Counseling

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Counseling is not just for those with traumatic experiences or life crises. And getting counseling is not a sign of weak faith; it’s simply a way to take our pain seriously.
In Christian communities, counseling is seen as a cry for help. It’s an indicator of a marriage on the rocks, a spiraling emotional life or crippling doubt. We can acknowledge that counseling is necessary for war vets and suicide survivors. Many may even consent to its value when unhealthy habits have become addictions. But generally, we tend to think healthy Christians should be able to handle their own issues with a quiet dignity

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Dear Church, 11 signs you’re burning out your staff.

Something I see as I travel around Canada and the US speaking is talking to many church staff members teetering on the edge of burnout or breakdown. Working 80 hours a week ongoing is not a badge of honour; it is actually a problem. Some great thoughts here. Senior leaders take a few minutes to see if you might be burning out your staff.

I saw burnout after burnout as staff members fell away from the church, and in some cases the faith, after bad experiences.

My favourite. #11. “You think this list is dumb.”

I took a lot of heat when I mentioned this post on Twitter. If this list fills you with rage, you might be this list.

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The Rise of the ‘Done With Church’ Population

Pastors and other ministry leaders would benefit from asking and listening to these long-time members before they flee. This will require a change of habit. When it comes to listening, church leaders are too often in the habit of fawning over celebrity pastors for answers. It would be far more fruitful to take that time and spend it with real people nearby—existing members. Ask them some good questions, such as:

1. Why are you a part of this church?

2. What keeps you here?

3. Have you ever contemplated stepping away from church? Why or why not?

4. How would you describe your relationship with God right now?

5. How has your relationship with God changed over the past few years?

6. What effect, if any, has our church had on your relationship with God?

7. What would need to change here to help you grow more toward Jesus’ call to love God and love others?

It’s time to listen. Even as I’m writing this today, another high-capacity lay leader emailed me with his decision to leave his church. He’s done. Like many others I know, he’s also a nationally known Christian leader. But he’s done.

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dk Leadership: Dream it. Do it.

On my blog, I want to help parents with some of the best resources I know. I have weekly conversations with parents who mention that they are struggling with communication issues with their teenagers. I would highly encourage all parents to go to Dr. Karyn’s website. Go into her resources section and purchase her book (The Teen Years) and most importantly the Analyze your Teen digital download set. This is one of the best resources I have seen on this. Look at what is in these 4 modules:

Module #1: Self-Esteem
Learn how you can build your child / teen’s confidence

Module #2: Communicating Effectively
Learn how to communicate effectively so that they listen to you

Module #3: Managing Emotions
Learn how to deal with emotions (stress, anxiety, depression)

Module #4: Teaching Responsibility
Learn why and how to set boundaries and teach responsibility

She also has great speaking events that I will be sending my own children in the upcoming years.

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CNLP 004: Why Young Adults Are Walking Away from the Church & What You Can Do About It—An Interview with Kara Powell

Such an amazing interview of Kara Powell by Carey Nieuwhof. Please check out the podcast but also make sure you check out Kara’s books and other links.

High school students graduate, and they know youth group but they don’t know church. @kpowellfyi

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