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I read about 10 books for my chapter I was writing on drugs and alcohol. This was by far one of the most interesting books on the topic of drugs/alcohol, addiction etc. A great read for anyone.

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From Amazon: There is a host of questions to be considered. Among ­them:
• What are the causes of ­addictions?
• What is the nature of the ­addiction-­prone ­personality?
• What happens physiologically in the brains of addicted ­people?
• How much choice does the addict really ­have?
• Why is the “War on Drugs” a failure and what might be a humane, ­evidence-­based approach to the treatment of severe drug ­addiction?
• What are some of the paths for redeeming addicted minds not dependent on powerful ­substances–­that is, how do we approach the healing of the many behaviour addictions fostered by our ­culture?