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Update: Case for the Porn Project Filming

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. As we head towards New Years there are a few more days to give donations to get a tax receipt for 2016.  Here is an update on our on fundraising to film the porn project

I would like to film the.Porn.Project which will cost ~$9,000

$4,500 for filming and editing of the talk. It is the editing of the talk that is so time consuming as we need to incorporate a professionally designed Keynote presentation throughout the filmed talk. It gives people the same experience as if I was speaking live at their church or school.
$1,500 — Trailer for promotion
$1,500 — Creating Master copy of DVD, Creation of Graphics for DVD jacket and cover.
$1,500 — printing of 1000 DVD’s. The Talk is also put online on and on
Total funds – $9,000 (Presently Raised $7800)

Needed $1200


It was 1996 I did my first talk at a church in Pickering to a room full of high school students. talking about music & media and how our faith plays a role in this. 10 years later I found my self speaking 45 times per year while still teaching full time with the Toronto District School Board. I left teaching that year and have been speaking full time with Worlds Apart since then.

In his book Holy Discontent Bill Hybels talks about finding out what your Holy Discontent (those things that continuously bother you) are and to walk into that space. That has been the theme for all of my talks for 19 years. Every few years I would add a talk (Self Harm, dating, men, sex, mental health) most recently pornography.

Last year we had the chance to film The Sex Talk which helps to empower and equip parents to help their kids get a Biblical worldview of healthy sexuality.

This year we are looking at filming a new talk I have created called the.Porn.Project

The Why: Present day statistics say that 50-60% of Christian Men and 20% of Christian Women are addicted to Porn. I have received emails from students as young as grade 5 and adults in their 90’s talking about struggles with pornography. We cannot continue to be silent in these issues of sexuality and in this case we need to deal directly with the issue of pornography.

The How: the.Porn.Project helps lay the foundation and equips & empowers people in this discussion. It goes through all of the areas we need to talk about to begin this conversation in our homes, churches and youth groups. It looks at theology, accountability, addiction, environmental changes, dating, our witness and others. We must break the cycle of failure by addressing head on this conversations.

The Goal: The goal of this project is that through this talk it will help create a culture where Christian parents and their teenagers are equipped and empowered to deal with the sexualized culture we live in and not get sucked into the cycles of addiction so many Christians seem to find themselves in. The goal is to have a Biblical yet practical response to this issue.

“I think the biggest reason why this talk is important, is because it’s not happening elsewhere. Save for a couple groups like xxxchurch and pure eyes, the biggest mention that it gets from the pulpit is “it’s a dirty secret that the church doesn’t talk about”… And that’s all they say, no one talks about it, and it’s a MASSIVE problem, not just for teens, for many men leading our churches today.”
Chris Burke, Center Point Church, PEI

“How do I teach my congregation about pornography when I have been addicted since I was in my 20’s?”
Pastor in Ontario

— “Help me… please. I am drowning in my porn addiction.”
Teenager in Alberta

As a speaker I am able to speak about 150 times a year. I am unable to speak at every church and school in the country. My talk The Wounding Embrace (mental health) is being used in churches from California to England, from Vancouver to St. Johns. I receive emails from people using the DVD or Digital download to help equip people in their churches to help people with mental health struggles. This is the same I want to do with the.Porn.Project.


We find as a small non for profit it is hard to raise funds. We are cut out of applying for most grants from foundations as we don’t reach their $250k minimum income. As a charity that has been around for almost 19 years we are not looking at raising funds for day to day operations but raising the funds specifically for this project. I presently speak over 100-150 talks a year that pay for all of the overhead costs of running Worlds Apart (office, equipment, salary etc.)

If you would like to chat more, please contact me at the email below. If you would like to make a donation please follow this link –

Thanks for your consideration.
Brett Ullman Executive Director: Worlds Apart (,

Friday Rant: Last day this will be available? Really?

So I sit down this morning and and look through my inbox to see what is going on . Today I find email after email all saying similar things:
  • “Last day to sign up for my course!”
  • “Running out of space for our webinar. Sign up today!”
  • “Last day my book will be available before it is being pulled off the shelves”
  • “We closed out doors to our enrolment to my best selling _______. But decided for those who missed it to open it up for 24 more hours”
  • “Last day for the bonus’ for my book”
  • “After today this course will not be available publicly until 2017” 
These are all people offering books, courses etc in our Christian world. Is it just me or are we trying way to hard to scare people into buying our stuff. If I am car shopping and the salesperson says “The sale is only on today” they I say “well I better go then because I am not ready to buy today“. Guess what? They never let you leave. They say will there will be another sale or the promotion can be continued etc. There is always a sale, discount or promotion. I don’t mind the sale. I am getting tired of the scare tactics to get me to buy something. 
  1. Why would anyone take their book off the market? You spent years writing a book. You are really going to stop selling it?
  2. If you have a book and I miss out on the “bonus material” I begin to question if your book is still worth buying. If the content in your bonus material is so amazing why is it not in your book? What am I missing out on?
  3. I get that someone might have an online course and there has to be a cut off date for it. Please don’t make it sound like you will not be offering that course ever again.
  4. For the email today that said that the course will not be offered publicly again until 2017. 2017 is about 2 weeks away. So if I don’t buy into your product today I might have to wait 2 weeks to get it?
  5. For the webinar that is running out of space. The email said you have 12,000 people signed up. 12,000 people. If your webinar platform can handle 12,000 people please don’t tell me you are running out of space. Pretty sure that is not true.
Can I just challenge authors, creators of products and leaders: Sell your stuff.
I buy your books, courses, products etc. But can you please stop threatening me with not letting me buy your stuff unless I buy it today.
Am I alone in this. Love to hear your thoughts.
Back to my emails.

Canadian Truth.Teller: Leanne Cabral

Hi, I am Leanne Cabral, a speaker who ignites and equips parents to make their invisible faith visible, so that they can intentionally point their kids to Jesus and build a legacy of faith.

My passion is equipping parents, helping them navigate this seemly huge assignment of passing faith onto their children. This passion grew out of my own journey as I sought to understand, on a really practical level, the task we as parents have been charged with; passing faith onto the next generation. You see, I come from a history of faith, I was raised on the mission field, my father was a pastor, I grew up in the church and I love Jesus, yet I felt overwhelmed by this assignment. I desperately wanted to do it well, but no one was telling me how. You see, I think we all understand passing our faith onto our kids in theory, but the “how” conversation, I was so hungry for, seemed to be missing.

I absolutely believe that parents desperately want to be all that God has called them to be. The truth is, Christian families are in crisis. The odds of our children walking with the Lord are not in our favour…It is reported that 80% of our kids walk away from faith at 18, and that there is less than 10% of faith talk in Christian homes outside of prayer. As parents, we understand passing faith to our kids in theory, but no one is breaking it down for us in a way that is tangible and practically applicable in our homes.

Though this journey began as a personal quest to better understand how to do/live this, it quickly became clear how desperate other families are for this information too. So with the Lord’s prompting, I have created a series of talks called Bringing Faith Home, to practically and tangibly equip parents to pass faith on to their children.

These talks set parents up with practical tools to pass faith on to the next 
generation. They are simple, applicable and absolutely do-able in a world where so many things are vying for our attention. It is my hope that after parents engage in these talks, they walk away empowered,, embraced, equipped and excited… understanding that this magnificent task, has been broken down into manageable bite size pieces. Our task as parents is to faithfully point our kids to Jesus; my passion is to equip them.

These talks have brought freedom, direction and intentionality to many families and I would love to share them with you and your faith community!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.55.25 PM

I also have a talk called “Hearing God” –  “Be embraced by love, hope and direction, wherever you are on your journey, by learning to recognize God’s voice for yourself.”

For more information click here or click the screenshot below.

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4 Ways to Make the Stand-and-Greet More Personal

This is a great follow up article to the one I posted last week which has had over 800 views this week. Tim Challies had some interesting thoughts:

Why are you part of a church community? Why are you a member of a church? Why do you go to the public gatherings of the church on Sunday morning? Broadly speaking, there can be two reasons: You go for the good of yourself, or you go for the good of others. There is a world of difference between the two.

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An ‘epidemic’ of self-harm: Why are more Canadian youth hurting themselves?

Pajer said the type of person who self-harms now compared to 20 years ago has changed. She said she used to expect someone with severe mental health issues such as depression or psychosis. But it’s become far more common.

“More and more of the kids don’t have what we might call a severe mental illness or a severe substance use disorder but instead are really experiencing sort of a crisis of meaning in their lives or an inability to handle their negative emotions except by cutting,” Pajer said.

“My point is that a lot of these kids don’t fit into one of our neat diagnostic categories.”

She suggested kids need to be taught at an early age to deal with and learn from negative emotions.