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#GivingTuesday – Need help with 1 project (Parenting Book)

I am honoured to have had ongoing opportunities to speak across Canada and the US for the last 23 years on topics like mental health, media, sexuality, pornography, dating, men, parenting, and others. Thank you so much to the hundreds of people who have supported us both financially and with prayer over the past 20 years. I could never have dreamed up how far this ministry has come since first starting out.

The favourite parts of my job are researching, creating presentations, and then delivering those presentations in order to challenge people to connect their ancient faith with this modern world. I want to encourage my listeners to “enter the danger” on topics that may be difficult to work through. In these confusing times, we need perspectives and intelligent insights into current matters more than ever.

One of my least favourite things I need to do is fundraising. One of the least liked, shared or commented on posts that I put on social media are about fundraising. The hard part with this is that for a non-profit organization like Worlds Apart, fundraising is necessary for our functioning.  As a small charity, our funds come in from 3 sources

40% – speaking engagement honorariums
40% – tax receiptable donations/fundraising
20% – sales of books, DVD’s, digital downloads

Presently, there is 1 major project that I can use your help with: About a year ago I brought out a brand new talk for Parents called Parenting: Navigating Everything. I have also been writing a book for parents that will cover all aspects of parenting in this modern culture we live in today. While I am finishing the writing of the parent’s book I have an editor presently starting to edit the completed chapters. Once all the editing is complete we head to typesetting and then printing. My goal is to have the book out in mid-2019. To get this done I could really use your support. This is not a normal book. In the end, it will be about 250,000 words and be more of a handbook for Christian Parents on the following topics:

  • Mental Health
  • Sexuality
  • Dating
  • Pornography
  • Family Discipleship
  • Spiritual Disciplines (Practices)
  • Media
  • Engaging Culture
  • Finances
  • Education

There are also new areas which are larger foundations of parenting:

  • parenting styles
  • communication
  • discipline
  • time and presence

Where we stand presently with this project:

• Research $3000 – $500 needed ($2500 funded)

• Publishing $1000 – funded

• Editing / Typesetting $9000 – needed

• Graphics $1000 – funded

• Printing books $8000 – needed

Fundraising needs – $17,500

This is not an enormous amount of money but for a small charity like ours, it seems pretty overwhelming. Whether you can give a little or a lot thanks for considering this project.

How to Donate:

To donate online please do this through our link on Canada Helps – click here

Or to donate by mail please make your cheque payable to “Worlds Apart” and address it to:

Worlds Apart, 68 Ashbury Blvd, Ajax, Ontario, L1Z 1M8

If you have any questions please contact me through social media or email me at

Dating from a Christian Worldview: Can I date a non-Christian?

This short video gives a simple answer to this question. I think we really overcomplicate this conversation and forget to look at the practical realities of how the future might be with people of different religions in one home. This should be one of many questions you look at while you are dating.

Here is a list of 80 more questions here –

Parenting Tip: When asked if you can drive anywhere … say yes!

This is a very simple parenting tip: I want you to drive your kids and your kid’s friends places and just listen. It is a very easy way to get a front row seat (literally) to the lives of your kids.
I am not saying we stop having our kids take the bus to school to drive them. I am also not saying they should not walk if they are able to. I am talking about when they ask if they can get a drive to the mall, movies, friends house etc. Say yes.


Fall 2018 Speaking Schedule: love to see you at one of these dates!

I thought I would post a list of the upcoming speaking dates I have this fall.  I did not include schools to this list as they are not events you might be able to attend.

For these dates, you can do one of 3 things:

  1. Attend with you and your family/friends.
  2. Bring some of the students/parents from your church along. You might want to email the church to confirm there are no costs.
  3. If I am in your region for a talk and you want to add a speaking date for your school, church, or another event please let me know. I often add in a Catholic School or Christian school in the cities I am speaking in.

Please make sure you check on their church/conference websites for more information. The times could change. Thanks

September 2018

Date: Friday, Sept 21st – St Andrew’s Anglican Church – Alliston
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 7 pm

Date: Sat. Sept 29th – Orillia Community Church- Orillia
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 6 pm

October 2018


Date: Thursday, Oct 4th – London District Christian Secondary School – London
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 7 pm

Date: Saturday, Oct 13th – Change Conference- Toronto ( – you need tickets for this event
Talk: The Sex Talk
Time: 1 pm

Date: Monday. Oct 15th – Forward Church – Cambridge
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 7 pm

Date: Wednesday, Oct 17th – Compass Point Church – Burlington
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 7 pm (tentative start time)

Date: Saturday, Oct. 20th – Forward Church – Cambridge
Talk: The Porn Project – Men’s Breakfast (contact church for more information)
Time: 8 am (tentative time)

Date: Sunday, Oct 21st – The Village – Brooklin
Talk: interview for morning service
Time: 10:33 am

Date: Saturday, Oct. 28th – Renaissance Baptist Church – Brooklin
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 6 pm

November 2018

Date: Saturday, Nov 3rd – New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church – Oshawa
Talk: Walking Wounded
Time: 11 am

Date: Saturday, Nov 3rd – To Be Young and Free Conference – Scarborough
Talk: Walking Wounded – You need tickets for this event (
Time: late afternoon talk

Date: Sunday, Nov 4th – New Life Christian Church – Vaughan
Talk: Walking Wounded
Time: 10:30 am & 12 pm

Date: Sunday, Nov 18th – WMB (Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church) – Waterloo
Talk: Navigating Everything
Time: 2-4pm

Date: Wednesday, Nov 27th – ForestBrook Community Church – Pickering Village (Ajax)
Time: 7pm


There are a number of other tentative dates that will be added to my schedule once confirmed. You can find my tour dates here –












10 ways to slow life down

As parents life is busy trying to balance family and work. The truth is life is busy for everyone. We need to look at slowing life down in our homes not only for our kid’s sake but for our own sanity as well. This vlog is 10 ways I think that we can slow down in our life. There are many other ways to do this. These are just 10. Add any more ways you can slow down in the comments below.