I have really enjoyed watching Lecrae’s career grow year after year. He is an amazing artist. This is a great article to check out.

Some great quotes from the article:

“God gave you your gifts and the insight that He gave you not for you to just hold onto it and feel good about it, but to share that with the world.”


“I’m not going to sit here and live to fit everyone’s mold. I’ve been uniquely crafted to be myself. There’s a confidence and a freedom in that.”

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Are we Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?

I have been out of teaching for 9 years myself but I saw similar things like the ones mentioned in this article when I was teaching Grades 7 & 8. Great read for parents and leaders today. Such great thoughts:

“We need to let our kids fail at 12 – which is far better than at 42,” he says. “We need to tell them the truth (with grace) that the notion of ‘you can do anything you want’ is not necessarily true.”

Kids need to align their dreams with their gifts. Every girl with a lovely voice won’t sing at the Met; every Little League baseball star won’t play for the major leagues.

• Allow them to get into trouble and accept the consequences. It’s okay to make a “C-.” Next time, they’ll try harder to make an “A”.

• Balance autonomy with responsibility. If your son borrows the car, he also has to re-fill the tank.

• Collaborate with the teacher, but don’t do the work for your child. If he fails a test, let him take the consequences.

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