Family dinners reduce effects of cyberbullying

Such a simple thing to do as parents. Some great thoughts in this article:

McGill study suggests frequent family time protects mental health among adolescent victims of online bullying

“The results are promising, but we do not want to oversimplify what we observed,” says Elgar, “Many adolescents do not have regular family meals but receive support in other ways, like shared breakfasts, or the morning school run.

Elgar also puts forth that parental involvement and supervision may go a long way to helping victims of cyberbullying, “Checking in with teens about their online lives may give them tools to manage online harassment or bullying that can easily go undetected.”

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Quote: Rob Bell

One of my favourite quotes about what happens every time someone speaks, preaches and teaches.

“When you give a sermon you open yourself up for misinterpretation and confusion and anger and ignorance and fear and jealousy and opinions and evaluation and critique and agendas and baggage and conviction and projections

You also open up to the possibility of truth and light and hope and repentance and desire and compassion and longing and revelation and confession and inspiration and comfort and solidarity and salvation and resurrection.”

Rob Bell: Poets, Preachers and Prophets