5 Things First-Time Guests HATE Doing at Church

Pretty simple but decent list here. Check it out!

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A Christian Looks at Depression – Tom Nelson

I think there are 5 reasons for suffering in the life of a Christian. This talk is a great example of the reason I would call “Fallen World”. This can basically be anything that happens because our minds and bodies are “fallen” – Genesis 3. I would also include here any natural consequences for our actions (crazy unceasing stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, pace of life, lack of exercise).   I will be doing an upcoming blog on the 5 reasons but wanted to share this decent talk. Enjoy

Are you Looking too Closely?

I was watching the new TV show called Scorpion last week when this song came on at the end. As a music geek I quickly Shazamed it and found this gem of a song. I was going through the lyrics which are quite simple yet powerful. In an interview the lead singer was asked about this song. He said:

Are YOU looking too closely? Yeah, you absolutely nailed it. It is about the relationship you have with yourself. About NOT looking too closely. Sometimes it is best to do it this way to remain positive. You can be obsessed with details. Like everybody’s own position of what they look like in the mirror naked. Its SO different to what they actually look like.

Great thoughts for many of us who are looking in that mirror and looking too closely.


Depression Symptoms: 15 Things You May Not Think About

“Although some of the symptoms of depression are the same for men and women, men who are depressed typically experience higher rates of externalizing behaviours and symptoms,” he says. “These include anger, aggression, risk taking, substance abuse, and immersing themselves in work. Women, on the other hand, tend more often to show internalizing behaviours like self blame, feelings of sadness and worthlessness, conflict avoidance, and trouble setting boundaries.”

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