New Music NF – Outro

If I had to be honest NF’s music has been some of my favourite over the past few years. New song came out this week. If you watch his older videos you will notice all of his past videos are in this new video. Check it out. Make sure you check out the 3rd video which walks through his new video.

So you want to see his lyrics. Such a powerful lyricist.

Thoughts on his new song:

20 Songs for 20 Years: Happy Anniversary Dawn

Happy 20th Anniversary Dawn. After 20 years I still choose you. 20 Songs for our 20 years!!!
Love you
P.S. For any movie buffs where we are standing is where the X-Men plane takes off from.

#20 Stevie Wonder: I Just Called To Say I love You

#19 Rick Astley: Together For Ever

#18 Barenaked Ladies: Lovers in a Dangerous Time

#17 Coldplay: Fix You

#16 Daughtry: Home

#15 Eli: Things I Prayed For

#14 Finger Eleven: One Thing

#13 Owl City: Good Time

#12 Rick Springfield: Love Somebody

#11 Michael Buble: Everything

#10 Flesh for Lulu: I Go Crazy

#9 Ed Sheeran: Lego House

#8 Avicii: Broken Arros (Didrick Extended Mix)

#7 Maroon 5: It Was Always You

#6 Mat Kearney: Ships in the Night

#5 Ben Rector: Beautiful

#4 Bruno Mars: Just the Way You Are

#3 Peter Gabriel: In Your Eyes

#2 Mat Kearney – Billion

#1 Spirit of the West: Miller’s Daughter (The Song Dawn came down the aisle to at our wedding)


Happy Anniversary!

TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski responds to the death of Chester Bennington

powerful response.

“I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter
I had to fall to lose it all, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter”

It’s one thing to hear the hopeless words of an honest man in an honest moment. We relate. We appreciate the honesty. But to hear Chester Bennington sing these words on the day he died, knowing death came in a truly hopeless moment, knowing that single moment steals the chance of any future hopeful moment, the words take on a different weight.

Please know you’re not the only one who hurts. You’re not the only one with questions and sadness and pain. If life feels nearly impossible, please know you’re not alone. Please know that it’s okay to be honest. You don’t have to fake it. You don’t have to play it cool. If you need help, please know you’re worth whatever help you need. If you need to talk to a counselor, if you need to call or text a hotline, if you need to step into treatment, it’s perfectly okay. You deserve whatever help you need.

Please stay alive, for every future moment. For the next album you’re going to love, for the best concert you haven’t been to yet, for your wedding or your husband or your wife, for the kids you have or dream of having. Stay alive to be surprised, by love and hope and help.

If someone you care about is struggling, please reach out. Please break the silence. Please cross the distance. Remind them they are loved. Remind them they deserve better. Encourage them to get help.

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Stop Confusing Your Nerves With Having Anxiety

I agree that it is really important to have honest discussions about our mental health. Fully agree with this article.

But as much as I encourage people to be as open as they want to be regarding their mental health—after all, the more it’s discussed, the more informed people will be and the more we can chip away at this disabling stigma—it is possible to have too much of a good thing. As more and more people come forward to reveal their struggles, it seems others are jumping on the bandwagon, borrowing jargon from the DSM-5 and co-opting the pain. Nothing is more fashionable right now than anxiety disorders.

People have taken to exaggerating their everyday experiences and punctuating sentences with terminology appropriate for a psychiatrist’s office. They aren’t nervous about an upcoming work presentation; they have “bad anxiety.” They aren’t uncomfortable to go to a big party where they don’t know anyone; they have “social anxiety.” And they don’t get butterflies in their stomach; they have “panic attacks.”

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Research: Loneliness in the Church

For my research in Loneliness I am posting 1 area in which we experience loneliness per week and see how people feel in each area.

So far we have talked about:

  1. Loneliness in leadership
  2. Loneliness in mental health
  3. Loneliness in the workplace

This week we are looking at Loneliness in the Church. I have had many people message me already that they feel lonely in the Church world today. I have heard people talk about the disconnect between what the Church messages & songs content, and the disconnect with the modern church set up with stadium seating, 2 minute greeting time within the services, etc.

Love to hear any thoughts, quotes, books etc. You can post in the comments on all social media, this blog or send me an email/PM.


The Simple Cure for Loneliness | Baya Voce | TEDxSaltLakeCity

Really good talk on connection and Loneliness.

Connection isn’t created by the things we go get, it is created by the things we go back to. So my invitation to you is simple. Don’t due something new. Find something you’re already doing with your friends, and families, and your intimate relationships, or within your communities, and do that thing over and over and over again. Do it with intention. Do it during the good times and do it during the mundane. So when the inevitable emotional storms hit you have your ritual to go back to. You have your very own anchor of connection.
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