Title for New Parents Talk – thoughts?

As I finish up my new talk for parents I am trying to decide on the title and byline for it. Thought I would ask people their thoughts.

The current graphics I am having created will be some sort of boat with 4-5 paddles per side. The boat itself will be the foundations of parenting we must have and the paddles will be all of the sections that we need to address as parents with our kids.

This talk will cover the foundations of parenting: (boat analogy)

  1. Parenting Styles (what are they, which ones should we be doing)
  2. Communication
  3. Time
  4. Discipline

The remaining section of the talk will be helping parents with all of the different concepts we must deal with: (paddles)

  1. Family Discipleship
  2. Health (mental, emotional, physical)
  3. Sexuality (pornography, dating, marriage)
  4. Media (TV, Movies, Music)
  5. Drug / Alcohol use and abuse
  6. Education
  7. Finances
  8. Section on being Men/Women
  9. anything missing?

Current Titles and Bylines I am thinking of

  • cradle2college
  • Parenting – Everything we need to do
  • Parenting – A Practical Guide to Raising kids
  • Parenting – Equipping and Empowering parents in all aspects of parenting
  • Parenting – Solutions to helping you be a better parent
  • any other thoughts?

Thanks for any help. I am presently booking this talk for Jan 2017 onwards. Love to have a few test runs in Jan. Let me know if you are interested.

Walking Wounded: New Public Version

Over the past 4 years, I have had businesses, conference, staff training days & schools ask me if I have a version of my Walking Wounded talk for Public settings (no faith-based content).  I am happy to announce that I have created a version of the talk that is great for all of these environments.

If you think this talk might be good in your workplace, conference or school please send me an email.



CCLP 014: Brett Ullman On Anxiety, Depression And Mental Health In Church Leaders And In The Church

I had the privilege of sharing my mental health journey with Carey Nieuwhof on his Canadian Church Leaders Podcast. It’s probably the longest conversation I have had on my journey to date.

Mental health is not a subject we discuss well in the church. But at any given time, about 20% of your church and leaders are struggling with various mental health issues.

Brett Ullman, a nationally respected speaker and authority on parenting and teens, talks about how his struggles started and how to respond in the church and in leadership when mental health struggles arise.

Please click here to listen to the podcast. I would also encourage you to subscribe to this podcast. It’s one that I never miss.

The Behaviors Americans Count as Sexual Harassment

Each day there seems to be a new allegation of sexual harassment on the news. I thought that is article was a really important conversation.

The flood of new allegations has caused many to ask: What counts as sexual harassment? While there is a general legal definition for the workplace, a national survey of U.S. adults conducted by Barna between October 19-25, 2017 (shortly after the original Weinstein report) asked American adults to identify specific acts that they consider to be harassment

Given the range of behaviors selected by Americans, it’s increasingly clear—to some, for the first time—how insidious the problem of sexual harassment is.

“The past few months have ushered in an unprecedented level of awareness and shock at the pervasive experience of sexual harassment,” says Roxanne Stone, editor in chief of Barna Group. “The revelations surrounding celebrities and politicians have opened up a floodgate for women especially, but men too, to acknowledge the ways in which they have experienced both subtle and overt forms of harassment in their workplaces, churches and social circles. The data bears this out: Nearly half of all American adults admit to experiencing or witnessing sexual harassment at some point in their lives. Four in 10 women say they have personally been victims of it.

I really love the challenge at the end of the article.

“Leaders in every level of society—from entertainment, to the marketplace, to politics, to churches—must honestly wrestle with this challenging issue and what it means for their institutions. Pastors and spiritual leaders, especially, must be ready to talk with their members: to hear the stories of the victims, to offer counseling services, to speak from the pulpit on the respect and humanization that gender equality really requires. Churches, with a message of brotherly and sisterly love, have an opportunity to be leaders in this disorienting conversation.”

I am hoping there is continued healing for people who have been harassed & sexually assaulted, I wrestle with what restoration might look like for people who have done the harassing & sexually assault, and I pray that through discussion, dialogue, and further education we can stem this tide of people being hurt physically, emotionally, and sexually in the future.

Love to hear further conversations, blogs and thoughts on this.

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