10 ways to slow life down

As parents life is busy trying to balance family and work. The truth is life is busy for everyone. We need to look at slowing life down in our homes not only for our kid’s sake but for our own sanity as well. This vlog is 10 ways I think that we can slow down in our life. There are many other ways to do this. These are just 10. Add any more ways you can slow down in the comments below.

Thanks… and looking forward

As we head into the midpoint of Summer 2018, I want to say a huge thank you to a few groups of people:

  1. Thank-you to the people who booked me to speak in your churches, schools, camps, and conferences. I so appreciate the opportunity to share my talks with your people. I am honoured that I have been able to be speaking for 21 years.
  2. Thank-you to my monthly and yearly donors. You are the backbone behind this ministry and I thank you so much for your continued support. We need to raise about 40% of our funding each year from donations. 40% comes from the honorariums as I speak and the remaining 20% comes from sales of our books, digital downloads, and dvds. Your support helps me do the work that I do. Thanks for your partnership with me to allow me to keep doing what I do.
  3. Thank-you to the people who purchased my books, dvd’s and online digital presentations. I hope these products help support you in your families, churches, and schools. The proceeds of all purchases go directly back into the work at the charity.
  4. Thank-you to the people who have prayed for my speaking dates, my health, my family and the work that I do at Worlds Apart.
  5. Thank-you to my Board of Directors at, accountant, web designers, graphic designer, consultants and all others who have supported this work.
  6. Thank-you to my wife Dawn, and my children Zoe and Ben for their support in the work that I do and the understanding for the time that I spend away from them.


  1. This Spring I was able to film my talk the questions which that answers 8 basic dating questions for teens and young adults. Digital copy –
  2. This year I brought out a brand new talk for Parents called Navigating Everything. You can find more information here –
  3.  I have started a new Youtube channel to go along with this new talk where I have committed to uploading a weekly video for the next 2 years to help parents in some aspect of parenting. You can subscribe to this channel here –

Looking forward to the next few years:

  1. There are many dates already booked for the upcoming year in churches, camps, conferences and other venues. It is always exciting to see new bookings coming in each year. I am hoping to add a few Family Camps next summer as well.
  2. In the next month, I hope to complete the writing of my latest book (Parenting: Navigating Everything) which is a large handbook for parents on all aspects of parenting. It is looking like it will be around 200,000 words and is the largest project I have ever done.
  3. Once the book is complete I will start to create a new talk for students called Students: Navigating Everything. The same idea as the parents talk but designed specifically to help students navigate all aspects of life in the modern culture they are growing up in today. This will take about a year to research and create.

Where we need help in 2018:

  1. While I am finishing the writing of the parent’s book I have an editor presently starting to edit the completed chapters. Once all the editing is complete we head to typesetting and then printing. My goal is to have the book out for a Jan. 1st, 2019 release. To get this done I could really use your support. Where we stand presently with this project:
    Research $2500 – funded
    Publishing $1000 – funded
    Editing $6500 – needed
    Graphics $1000 – needed
    Printing books $8000 – needed
    Fundraising needs – $15,500
    This is not an enormous amount of money but for a small charity like ours, it seems pretty large. We are able to offer you a tax receipt for your donations. Whether you can give a little or a lot thanks for considering this project.
  2. We are desperately in need to upgrade my computers. My present laptop is from 2011 and my desktop is from 2012. Once the book project is funded this will be the next priority
  3. I would love to grow our monthly donors by about 50 people at $10 a month.

If you would like to donate you can send a cheque to Worlds Apart (68 Ashbury Blvd, Ajax, Ontario, L1Z1M8) or donate online (one time or monthly) by clicking here. Thanks for your support

If you have any questions please send me an email or a message on social media. Again thanks for all your support.

The Church and Mental Health: What Do the Numbers Tell Us?

Really great article here from Ed Stetzer. We are getting better at this in the church world but we still have a long way to go.

A Gap in Awareness. There was a significant gap in what pastors said their churches provided and what family members said was available. In six of the nine typical types of care referenced in the survey, fewer family members than pastors believed their churches offered such help.

This was particularly true for churches maintaining a list of experts to which people could be referred. Almost seven in 10 (68%) pastors said their churches had such a list. Less than three in 10 (28%) family members had the same perception.

The Views of Those with Mental Illness. Much like their family members, those personally suffering from mental illness and who also regularly attend church believe more could be done to help them.

Here are the ways a majority said the Church could assist them:

  • 74%: help families find local resources for support and dealing with the illness
  • 63%: talk about it openly so the topic is not so taboo
  • 61%: improve people’s understanding of what mental illness is and what to expect
  • 58%: provide training for the Church to understand mental illness
  • 57%: increase awareness of how prevalent mental illness is today

For many suffering from a mental illness, they simply want to be treated as people and not outcasts. Overall, 70% of Protestants with a mental illness wanted fellow church members to merely get to know them as a friend. For consistent church attenders, that number climbed to 78%. They just want to be treated like a person, which sometimes even those in ministry can forget to do.

click here for the entire article. the questions is now available

I am excited to announce that my talk called the questions has been filmed and is available for digital download or rent. If you follow this link it will take you to VimeoOnDemand where you can get a copy. Love to hear your thoughts.

In this new update of my original dating for life talk (now on youtube) I have gone back to the basics. In this new talk I answer 8 basic foundational questions on dating:

1. What is dating?
2. When should I start dating?
3. Am I ready to start dating?
4. How do I start dating?
5. What are Red Flags in my dating relationships?
6. How do I find out if they are the “One”?
7. How do I break up?
8. What if they are the right person for me?

Simple and practical conversations on dating for High School and Young Adults. This talk might also be good for parents who want to understand how to help equip their kids for conversations on dating.

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