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Top 10 ways to stop masturbating

I did a video a few months ago called Is Masturbation a sin looking at whether from a Christian worldview is masturbation something we should be doing or not. From that video I had numerous people message me and post comments about the next question which is how do I stop masturbating? I will copy the older video under this new one in case you have not seen the first video. It might give some context for why people want to stop.
This video is really designed for people who want to stop masturbating.
I think this list is good for people from a faith-based background or not as only a few 1 of the points is spiritual in nature.

Love to hear any thoughts you have on this video. I know these are very controversial and tough topics. I like the analogy of a dart board. I wanted to throw a dart at the board. I will not get everything perfect but I love the conversation and debate on this topic and I may make a future video with any changes or additions I get from this discourse.

Brett’s Picks – Mental Health Books

In my talk The Walking Wounded, I address mental health. I walk through my own journey and give some great resources on how to help yourself or others struggling with mental health. Below are my favourite books on this topic.

I have given you direct links to Amazon in Canada and the US after each book where you can find the full descriptions. I have put (faith-based) at the end of the book if the author has faith-based content in the book.

  1. The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook: Edmund J. Bourne (Canada) (US)
  2. Mental Health and the Church: A Ministry Handbook for Including Family impacted by Mental Illness: Stephen Grcevivh (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  3. Christians Get Depressed too: David Murray (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  4. A Troubled Mind: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission – Amy Simpson (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  5. When Life Goes Dark: Finding Hope in the Midst of Depression: Richard Winter (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  6. Leading on Empty: Refilling your tank and renewing your passion: Wayne Cordeiro (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  7. The Relaxation Response: Herbert Benson & Miriam Z. Klipper (Canada) (US)
  8. Emotionally free: a prescription for healing body, soul, and spirit: Dr. Grant Mullen (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  9. Trauma & Resilience – Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God: Frauke C. Schaefer & Charles A. Schaefer (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  10. Overwhelmed Winning the War Against Worry: Perry Nobel (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  11. When Panic Attacks: The New Drug-Free Anxiety Treatment that can change your life: David D. Burns (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  12. Who switched off my Brain? controlling toxic thoughts and emotions: Dr. Caroline Leaf (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)

These are all books that I have read and I found very helpful in my own journey and research on Mental Health. If there are any great books you think I am missing please send them to me. This list will grow over time.

My 2 books on mental health:

  1. Your Story: The Wounding Embrace: Brett Ullman & Adam Clarke (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)
  2. Reset: Burnout, Breakdown and Suffering that leads to Hope, Healing, Redemption and Rescue: Brett Ullman (Faith-based) (Canada) (US)

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