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Cheaters, Thieves, Scammers and Liars

Last month my family went to a farm for the afternoon during the Thanksgiving Season (Canadian Thanksgiving). This farm was awesome and had everything from a large corn maze, apple picking, tons of activities for kids and even an event where pumpkins were shot out of canons (my favorite). I had a great time with my family but I found it really interested some of the people the we encountered that day. There were 4 stories that really frustrated me that day:

1. Cheaters: we were in a barn and there was a small .25 cent machine to get food for the animals.  I was in line with my kids  and watched the lady in front of me watching the guy from the farm very closely. The moment the farmer left the bard she said to her young 4-5 year old  “You don’t have to pay, you just jiggle the machine and the food comes out” All I could think of was how this young girl is being taught at a very young age how cheating the system is ok as long as you don’t get caught.

2. Theives: When apple picking you choose the size of bag you want and then go pick your apples. While my family is picking apples there are a few parents and about 6 kids on the other side of the apple trees from us. The mother got all the kids together and told them to “Shove apples into your pocket”s as they were leaving and wanted to get more. Again another young kid said truth “But mom, is that not stealing.” The mother said that they paid for a bag and the little girl replied “But our pockets are not part of the bag”. Again truth from young kids.

3. Scammers: While picking Apples you could use a Wheel barrow to hold your apple bag. Once finished there were lots of signs that said please don’t take the wheelbarrows from the field. There was a place to leave them clearly marked off. As I was walking back with my own apples in hand I heard a father tell his family he would distract the farm guy while his family escapes with the wheel barrow to the car. To which the kid said “But dad we are not supposed to take the wheel barrow’s out of the field” The fathers response was to just ignore the little guys valid point.

4. Liars: at a certain time of the day the activity area for children closed down. I was coming back with my bag of apples to put them in the car and had to put the bag down. Just as a put the bag down a man came to his family which was directly beside me and told them “The area is closed down. Lets go over and tell them our cousins are in the area and they will let us in.” To which the 10 year old replied. “But our cousins are not in there. Its just us” To which the father told him to (and I quote) “Get with the program” I wondered how the father will like it when his son is doing the same things to him in upcoming years.

I am shocked at how many parents I saw in one day that seemed to have just quit parenting. What morals and values are these parents teaching these young kids? What was fascinating was that all of these kids knew better. All of them challenged their parents on what they were doing.

Parenting is a strategic, intentionally pursuit.

You need to teach your kids how they should be in life and one of the best ways to do this is to model it by your life. These parents are modelling the way to be Cheaters, Thieves, Scammers and Liars. I find it so interesting that in all these 4 stories the kids ALL knew the difference between what is wrong and right. How do we lose this as adults?

What do your actions as a parent say to your kids?

Canadian Speakers List

As a full time speaker who travels across Canada I am often asked for names of other speakers. I thought I would collate a list of speakers from across Canada for people to use. If you are (or know of a person) who is interested in speaking for a church, conference, school, camp or other event please send me their information (Name, website, topics they speak on etc). You can add their information on the comments in this blog or email them to me at


New Platform for Brett Ullman

Since the beginning of social media I have loved having a place to share great websites, books, articles and other resources. In the last few years though I have found social media becoming more and more frustrating as a place for communication. It seemed more simple when Facebook seemed to be the only main large social network. Then Twitter exploded onto the scene. Then came others such as LinkedIn, Tumblr,  Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. I began to use HootSuite to post to many of these sites but it would only post to certain social media sites and not others and some of the sites could only post pictures and not text and things got frustrating.

Years into this world of social media most of our friends lists are growing to a place where social media has become absolutely useless as a communication tool. I cannot tell you how many times a month someone says something like “Did you not see the post I did on Facebook?” or “Well I posted it on Social Media”. This is usually in reply to me not knowing something that was going on that they posted on social media. Myself I have almost 5000 people on my personal Facebook and thousands of people on all of my other social networks. Since I sat down to write this blog I have probably had a hundred people post an update on Facebook. I am never going to scroll through hundreds of posting each day so all these messages and content are lost forever. Michael Hyatt posted an amazing blog recently that talk about this point: Don’t Build you Social Media House on a Rented Lot. My favourite quote in this article is

“I encourage everyone interested in growing a platform to begin with a home base that you control. -Michael Hyatt”

I am not leaving social media but I am moving to having a single place (a platform or home base) where I can share information and have a landing place for people to find things I posted months after they were put online. Welcome to my new blog on My new Home Base!


When you come to our site you can see all of my speaking information in the top left of the site. The main section of the page will be the new blog where I will share great resources on all the areas I speak on.

I have added a number of links already and this site will slowly populate over the upcoming months

I would love to hear your feedback on a few things.

  1. What do you think of the new site?
  2. What do you think of the new categories? Are we missing any main ones
  3. What are the resources that you would want me to share more? less?

Talk to you soon…