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Robin Williams one of many: More middle-aged men dying by suicide, and experts don’t know why

A tough to read but really important article on men and suicide. Please take the time to read. Such important material.

In the past decade, the rate of suicide among North American middle-aged men has far outpaced men of other ages, and women of any age. Men between the ages of 50-54 have the highest rate of suicide among all Canadians

“Society has moved on but middle-aged men are not as equipped as they should be with dealing with changes in their role in society,”

“We’re not doing anywhere near enough” in addressing the issue of suicide amongst middle-aged men, he said. “[We need] appropriate opportunities for males to engage in discussions about how they feel at a stage at which it can happen. But what have we got? We’ve got bars where they can drown their sorrows.”

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The Global Leadership Summit

This is an event that I have been attending for 12 years. It is just amazing and I cannot suggest more highly to you that you should attend. Check out their website for more information.


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