Author - brett ullman

The Five Love Languages: How to be a better father and husband

Today I want to challenge us as husbands to be better husbands and fathers. I want you to learn how to love your wife and kids how they need needs to be loved.

There is a difference between knowing or feeling you are loved and seeing you are loved through words, actions, and deeds.
Do you know what your love language is?
Do you know what the love language of your kids or your wife is?

Love to hear how this helps to grow your relationships with people you love.

My top 10 least watched Vlogs with important content

Last week I posted a blog with my top 10 most-watched vlogs on youtube. Today I wanted to do something different. There are some videos that I have made that have very few views but are really great content for parents. Below is a list of the videoes that I think are worth your time to watch.

The video below is the first in a series of 9 videos I did looking at how we can have a better relationship with our phones.

The video below is the first in a series of 5 videos I did looking at how we talk to our kids better in the areas of phones, movies, music etc

Top 10 ways to stop masturbating

I did a video a few months ago called Is Masturbation a sin looking at whether from a Christian worldview is masturbation something we should be doing or not. From that video I had numerous people message me and post comments about the next question which is how do I stop masturbating? I will copy the older video under this new one in case you have not seen the first video. It might give some context for why people want to stop.
This video is really designed for people who want to stop masturbating.
I think this list is good for people from a faith-based background or not as only a few 1 of the points is spiritual in nature.

Love to hear any thoughts you have on this video. I know these are very controversial and tough topics. I like the analogy of a dart board. I wanted to throw a dart at the board. I will not get everything perfect but I love the conversation and debate on this topic and I may make a future video with any changes or additions I get from this discourse.