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An Answer to Suffering and Evil / DR. RAVI ZACHARIAS

Great interview with Dr. Ravi Zacharias by Carey Nieuwhof on the topic of suffering and evil.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias is Founder and President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and he has spoken all over the world for 43 years in scores of universities, notably Harvard, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, and Cambridge. Dr. Zacharias is well versed in the fields of comparative religions, cults and secular philosophies.

As Carey Nieuwhof mentioned above, he could ask any question he like and Dr. Zacharias would be able to give a satisfactory answer due to his extensive knowledge. So for the purpose of keeping this interview concise, they have decided to tackle the problem of evil and suffering.

In Dr. Zacharias’ latest book, “Why suffering?”, he presents what the secular philosophers call a “trilemma”.

Click here for the entire video.

Understanding Anxiety

Great simple article.

Do you feel anxious from time to time? We all do – and it’s perfectly normal. Whether it’s work, personal life, parenthood or school, life can be overwhelming. But there’s an important difference between feeling anxious and struggling with a diagnosable anxiety disorder. This Psychology Month, let’s consider anxiety in greater depth to provide clarity on when and if you need to seek professional help.

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Hold On

I think that I have read or heard about a different suicide every day this week. For anyone reaching the end of their rope I have a few simple words for you

Hold On. What you are going through is a season and seasons change. 

Please find someone to talk to:
Talk to a counsellor
Talk to your parents
Talk to your spouse

You are not alone. Even though you might feel that way.

“Kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight” Bruce Cockburn.




35 Tattoos That Give Us Hope For Mental Health Recovery

For the last 15 or so years of my life I have been asking people “Tell me about your tattoo?” when I am in line with someone who has ink. It has been fascinating to hear the stories of people. I really like this list of tattoos for people struggling with different forms of mental health.

If I ever got a tattoo it would be #25. A semi colon. Below is a quote from another article which explains the semi-colon.

“You are the author, the sentence is your life. For anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, self harm, contemplating suicide, you are not alone. You are worthy. You are loved.” from this article

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Remain: Mute Math

This song (Remain by Mute Math) has been on repeat for me since it came out a few weeks ago. For anyone in their life who is going through burnout, breakdown, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, illness, hopelessness and feeling stuck in a hole this song is for you.

For those of you at the end of your rope …   Just keep on trying
For those of you losing your will to fight… Just keep fighting
For those of you going through journeys that seem to never end… Just keep going
For those of you losing your will to live… Just keep surviving
For those of you who feel stuck… Just keep walking
For those of you who struggle with depression, anxiety & panic attacks… Just keep breathing
For those of you who feel like you are losing your grip on life… Just keep holding
For all of us who are struggling and searching for hope, healing, redemption, rescue and wholeness…  Just keep believing

Thoughts and prayers for all of us who struggle…

Lyrics to the song:

I’ve been dreaming
Dreaming of a day in the end
Waiting for someone
To wake me from the dream that I’m in
I’ve been confiscating
Every shred of hope that I can
I keep on mistaking
The future for the places I’ve been

Always the same
Always forever we remain
Always the same
I’m dying just to keep my place

I’ve been breaking
And repairing everything that I make
Just to feel important
And worth the little space that I take
I keep on delaying
Everything I’d rather avoid
Rapidly decaying
And panicking I’m losing the choice

[Chorus X2]
Always the same
Always forever we remain
Always the same
I’m dying just to keep my place

Just keep on trying
Just keep fighting
Just keep going
Just keep surviving
Just keep walking
Just keep breathing
Just keep holding
Just keep believing

Always the same
Always forever we remain
Always the same
I’m dying just to keep my place


Just keep on trying
Just keep fighting
Just keep going
Just keep surviving
Just keep walking
Just keep breathing
Just keep holding
Just keep believing

Robert Whitley: Why men commit suicide

Really great article talking about a topic most people shy away from.

Men’s mental health is an area of key concern, especially the high rates of suicide. Around 75 per cent of suicides are men, with over 50 per week dying by suicide in Canada. These are particularly pronounced in the 40-60 age group. This has led Prof. Dan Bilsker of Simon Fraser University to declare that we are experiencing a “silent epidemic of male suicide.”

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Why we choose suicide | Mark Henick | TEDxToronto

When a leading cause of death among new mothers in the first year after childbirth is suicide – that’s NOT acceptable.

When our First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities are being ravaged by a suicide rate 5-6x higher than the national average – that’s NOT acceptable.

When almost a 1/4 of 15-25 year olds die by suicide – that is NOT acceptable.

So for those of you who might be thinking about suicide today … good.  Keep thinking about it. Then start talking about it. Then start doing something about it too. And for those of you who might be contemplating suicide I know that there’s a hope somewhere deep inside of you – I felt it too. Keep that hope alive.

We need you. We need you to be leaders in this conversation whether we are ready to have it or not and trust me if your anything like me it’s this conversation that’s going to keep you alive every single day .. as if you’ve got one more day.

Really tough but good to hear TED talk on Suicide by Mark Henrick.